Alcohol and Drug Treatment in San Francisco, Sonoma, CA and Napa CA

Alcohol and drug treatment needs are a good thing to assess when an individual or couple starts therapy. As an experienced alcohol and drug counselor I have seen first hand how substance problems can impact a person’s life and relationships. Sometimes a person enters individual counseling wondering if there is a need for alcohol and drug treatment. I have a blog entry addressing this situation entitled, “Do I have a problem with alcohol? How the concept of ‘relationship to alcohol’ can help.” Other relevant writings I have contributed include “About the Concept of Powerlessness in Alcoholism and Substance Abuse” and a review of the book “Almost Alcoholic.”

In other situations someone entering psychotherapy knows there is a problem on some level, but is reluctant to deal with it. I have seen people get support from AA or LifeRing which has transformed their lives. Studies have shown that only 4% of people with established alcohol and drug problems can quit effectively by themselves. This is almost the same as saying no one can quit without help. As an alcohol and drug counselor my job is educate and help you. I share the benefits of what I have learned in over 30 years of doing individual and couples counseling as an alcohol and drug counselor and apply it to your specific situation.

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