Self-esteem Issues in San Francisco, Sonoma, CA the Napa CA Region.

I work with people experiencing self-esteem issues everyday in individual counseling. Self-esteem issues are a large component of most problems dealt with in psychotherapy. For example, feelings of failure might intrude on a person’s sense of self worth. Self esteem issues are found in anxiety therapy, depression therapy, and alcohol and drug treatment.

When a person feels lack of confidence, feels undeserving of or incapable of achieving a desired goal, or is subject to sexual or racial prejudice, self-esteem suffers.

Suffering from self-esteem issues is no joke. When we feel badly about ourselves, our immune system is compromised and even our physical health can suffer. Often people have adjusted to a low grade sense of self-esteem. Therapy offers the opportunity to shake off the cobwebs, and in so doing, gain in self-appreciation.

I have been interviewed about the causes of feelings of failure and fear of success, two issues which affect self-esteem. I have also been interviewed regarding survivor guilt which is another big source of self-esteem issues.

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