Depression Therapy in San Francisco, Sonoma, CA and Napa, CA Region

A depression therapy focus is very common in psychotherapy because symptoms of depression are what bring many people to therapy. Depression symptoms include poor appetite or overeating, insomnia or sleeping 10 or more hours a day, low energy, self esteem issues, difficulty with concentration or feelings of hopelessness whether or not accompanied by suicidal feelings or thoughts. In other situations clients notice they are withdrawing from friends or family. They may sense they have lost pleasure in activities they ordinarily enjoy.

The underlying issues or conditions which trigger symptoms of depression are frequently the focus of depression therapy.

Depressive symptoms may exist even without an identifiable cause or reason. Fortunately people are responsive to depression therapy. Sometimes antidepressant medications in combination with individual therapy can be helpful.

I provide individual counseling for people with depression. Plus I assess for patterns of excessive alcohol or drug use as the presence of a substance problem can exacerbate a preexisting depression or cause one to come into existence.

Please note that depression often co-exists with anxiety. See anxiety therapy if that is your primary focus. Individual therapy can be useful to address both situations. In addition I have been interviewed about feelings of failure and survivor guilt which are two factors that contribute to depression symptoms.

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