Couples Counseling in the San Francisco, CA Sonoma, CA & Napa, CA Region

People seek marriage counseling for many reasons. A once vibrant relationship now feels stale. A woman worries her husband is cheating. In a crisis people wonder if their relationship can survive.

Couples counseling offers the opportunity to address feelings and communications that are feared to be too hurtful or will not be properly understood by one’s partner. Often people fear the “blow back” from a habitual argument and so feel the need to be protective and not say much. Or a familiar dialogue provokes responses that are seemingly “out of proportion” to the situation. I work to establish a sense of safety for each partner in couples counseling to allow to explore the needs that aren’t getting met.

Unlike individual therapy, marriage counseling provides the possibility of a direct emotional encounter with the partner….sometimes with little or no filter. Resulting feelings might include anger, distancing, or even rage. At the other end of the spectrum feelings of empathy and love also can be rediscovered. When feelings get intense, there is often an important point of view that needs to be heard and ultimately addressed by each partner.

Sometimes individual counseling provides a greater sense of safety to explore relationship problems. Or sometimes individual sessions are effective when interspersed with the couples sessions. In addition when alcohol and drug treatment needs are  present, they will need to be addressed.

Issues Addressed in Couples Counseling

  • How to create a more loving relationship.
  • Recovery from breach of trust.
  • How to transform fights and other relationship problems into productive communication.
  • Sexual issues.
  • Hidden, unacknowledged, or obvious alcohol or substance problems that interfere in a relationship. Please visit my blog where I have written regarding the relationship to alcohol as well as the concept of powerlessness
  • Knowing if a person is right for you.
  • Visit my blog to read information regarding premarital advice.

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