Anxiety Therapy in San Francisco, Sonoma CA, and the Napa, CA Region.

When a person enters psychotherapy feeling uncomfortable because of excessive worry, fear, or dread, then anxiety therapy is the focus of our work. Anxiety symptoms might include feeling restless or keyed up, difficulty concentrating or the mind going blank, difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, or muscle tension. Or there may be difficulties in a relationship or work situation that create tension and stress.

As with depression therapy it is also possible that during anxiety therapy, no identifiable precipitant is present or easily discerned.

Anxiety treatment addresses more than what causes symptoms. It gives people new ways to look at and respond to troubling feelings or situations that can transform how people feel about themselves.  Anxiety treatment provides an opportunity to become aware of making changes that can lead to new possibilities and a new sense of freedom.

In individual counseling we can also address alcohol and drug treatment needs when relevant. Substance abuse can numb, alter or even enhance anxiety symptoms.

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