Psychotherapy Services

Life’s challenges can sometimes feel excessive. In therapy, we work together to relieve that suffering. With fresh eyes, I can offer simple, common sense suggestions. Or we may need to take time to understand, unpack, and examine what’s been happening, allowing solutions to emerge where none seemed to exist.

Like you, my clients are unique individuals with their own issues, and they seek psychotherapy services for a wide variety reasons. They are tired of having the same old fight with their partner. They feel trapped in a job that once seemed perfect. A supposed friend suddenly betrayed their trust, leaving them shaken. They find themselves worrying all the time and can’t seem to stop. They feel confused and overwhelmed and they’re ready for things to change. They feel ready to make a change but can’t seem to make the first move.

I have derived great satisfaction from my practice over the years. As my clients and I meet in the creative moment, we work together intuitively to find new understanding and discover new options and opportunities.

I enjoy working with men and women,  gay, straight, and trans. Although individual adult therapy is the heart of my practice, I also enjoy working with couples and with college-age students, exploring a range of topics and treatments, including:

My Therapeutic Approach and Areas of Clinical Interest

My working style is interactive. I listen, ask questions, and present ideas designed to facilitate growth as well as relieve symptoms. I want to understand you, and make sure that you feel understood. Then we can use this understanding to help you see and experience new possibilities.

Working together in a safe atmosphere, we can remove obstacles and inhibitions that have prevented you from achieving your goals, whether long sought after or of recent origin. As you begin to discover the nature of the obstacles that have been standing in your way, you hold powerful information that can change your life.

I particularly enjoy working with clients in these areas:

  • Transforming self-defeating behaviors and attitudes, fear of failure and fear of success, and negative self-esteem issues that interfere with achieving life goals
  • Exploring and working to resolve issues of depression, anxiety, guilt, and trauma
  • Strategizing with small business owners to solve the headaches of running a business
  • Helping sort through the emotions and concerns involved in contemplating the end of a long-term relationship
  • Learning to build intimate relationships, and exploring relationship problems with family or friends
  • Supporting your recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, and dealing with issues that affect you as an adult child of an alcoholic
  • Discovering what is blocking you from living a more creative, authentic life

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